vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Solar Pavilion, or Upper Lawn Pavillion 
Alison and Peter Smithson . 1959 /1962.

samedi 21 janvier 2017

 The Plia Folding and Stacking Chair, by Giancarlo Piretti , 1967 

dimanche 1 janvier 2017

We have plenty of matches in our house.
We keep them on hand always.
Currently our favorite brand is Ohio Blue Tip,
though we used to prefer Diamond brand.
That was before we discovered Ohio Blue Tip matches.
They are excellently packaged, sturdy
little boxes with dark and light blue and white labels
with words lettered on the shape of a megaphone,
as if to say even louder to the world,
"Here is the most beautiful match in the world,
its one and a half inch soft pine stem capped
by a grainy dark purple head, so sober and furious
and stubbornly ready to burst into flame,
lighting, perhaps, the cigarette of the woman you love,
for the first time, and it was never really the same
after that. All this will we give you."
That is what you gave me, I
became the cigarette and you the match, or I
the match and you the cigarette, blazing
with kisses that smolder toward heaven
Love Poem
Ron Padgett
from Paterson, Jim Jarmush.
Woody Guthrie’s  New Year’s Resolutions From 1943